Biography Of Nigerian Celebrity Drummer, Tseyisticks Net-worth And Career

Tseyisticks(D celebrity drummer) is a dynamic and innovative percussionist who has been captivating audiences with Organic percussion sounds for over a decade. His passion for music and drive for creativity have made him a well respected figure in the percussion community, pushing boundaries and elevating the art of percussion.

Wikipedia Profile
Full Name: OMAGBEMI TSEYI Nelson
Age: 30 +
Mechanic engineer
( Creative Percussionist) Drummer
  Date Of Birth:  August 31
Place Of Birth     Warri
L.G.A  Origin:          Warri South
Girlfriend • Spouse: Single
State Of Origin   Delta State
Nationality Nigeria
Occupation: Entertainer, Mechanic engineer
( Creative Percussionist) Drummer

Tseyisticks(D celebrity drummer)was born and raised in a musical family and started playing percussions at a young age. From a young age, he showed a rare talent and were quickly recognized as a prodigious musician. Over the years, Tseyisticks has continued to hone his craft and expand his musical horizons, pursuing a wide range of styles and techniques.


As a percussionist, Tseyisticks(D celebrity drummer) has a particular passion for rhythm, exploring new patterns, and creating sounds that are both intricate yet energizing. He specialize in a number of languages, including, African sounds, Highlife and Side rhythm drums, as well as more contemporary percussion instruments. its style is highly emotive and characterized by a commitment to authenticity and cultural richness.

Over the years, Tseyisticks(D celebrity drummer) has collaborated with many leading musicians,, and producers and has performed in many high profile events, concerts, and festivals. Some of their notable events Are : Wizkid Pinaza music festival, Meshack Ep timeline, David swiss Amapiano , and many more..

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Tseyisticks(D celebrity drummer) is also a highly respected educator, offering percussion masterclasses and workshops both in Africa and internationally, is teaching style is highly engaging, and he bring his deep appreciation and passion for percussion to each class. Through his work as a mentor, Tseyisticks is committed to passing on is knowledge so that other musicians can benefit from is expertise.

In addition to is work as a musician and educator, Tseyisticks is a dedicated advocate for the arts. he has worked to promote cultural exchange through music/Percussion, consistently working to foster better communication and understanding across cultural divides. Tseyisticks believes that the power of music can be particularly transformative and help to bridge gaps and create unity…

Overall, Tseyisticks (D celebrity drummer) is a dynamic percussionist,
and an inspired musician. His passion for this craft is infectious, and is commitment to diversity and inclusion is an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of working with Him…..They Call me TSEYI STICKS (D celebrity drummer)






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