By Comr. Edewor Otighoarievwen.

The patten nor method at which politics is been approach and played in a democratic nation like Nigeria looks opposite of true definition of democracy


What could be the reason? *First*, I have noticed, majorly’ electorates have the mentality of begging and extorting candidates ones it’s election period. And that’s a bad habit of patriotic citizens that suppose to protect and ensure democracy.

The *_YOUTH_* should listen 👂, the true meaning of political participation is _voluntary activities undertaken by the mass public to influence public policy, either directly or by affecting the selection of persons who make policies_. And it examples include voting in elections, helping a political campaign, donating money to a candidate, petitioning, protesting, and working with other people on issues that matters.

My fellow NIGERIAN YOUTH, I advice at this crucial time of another political race ranging from the ward councillor to local government chairmen election that; “Election” shouldn’t be to…

Let goodwill to political participation begins with us in order to encourage the continuous seen M.O.R.E. agenda of the Delta State Governor, Right (Hon) Elder Sheriff O. Francis Oborevwori.

My name is Comr Edewor Otighoarievwen

The Founder/National Coordinator Viable Youth for Good Governance.

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