Korean Centre Plans K-Pop, Afrobeats Collaboration


The Korean Cultural Centre has revealed its intention to promote collaboration between Korean Pop and Afrobeats to aid cultural integration.

This initiative aims to promote both genres of music across Nigeria and Korea, further marketing them worldwide.

The Cultural Events and Communications Officer of the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria, Jennifer Ezeonyeasi disclosed this while speaking with newsmen on the sidelines K-Pop Hurray Concert in Abuja.

She said “We are hoping for collaboration between K-Pop and Nigerian music,especially Afrobeat, which will promote both genres and gain traction in both countries, making the two music industries significantly larger.

“We hope for future collaborations, building upon the activities we are currently undertaking.

“We intend to take this initiative nationwide; in 2021, we hosted a K-Pop Dance Academy in Port Harcourt, and we plan to conduct similar activities regularly.

“When we identify communities with a large K-Pop following, we will definitely bring these shows to them. Currently, we have a strong K-Pop community in Kaduna, and we are planning to visit there.”

She revealed that the purpose of the K-Pop Hurray Concert in Abuja was to gather all the past winners of K-Pop competitions and those who have made it to the final stage in previous years.


“Often, after the competition, everyone disperses until the next year. We brought together all the past winners and top performers to foster connections and networking.


“We aim to cultivate an active K-Pop community in Abuja and, by extension, throughout Nigeria. K-Pop music is unique to Korea, much like Nigerians are known for Afrobeat. ”

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Ezeonyeasi continued: “I believe Nigerians are embracing K-Pop. For example, in this concert, we have winners from 2011-12. Since then, people have been winning K-Pop competitions and traveling to Korea.


“We hold yearly K-Pop competitions; one is scheduled for Lagos on May 23rd, and we also have a K-Pop Academy planned. Through these activities, we can see that people are embracing K-Pop as well as other aspects of Korean culture in Nigeria, such as Taekwondo.


“Koreans are also aware that K-Pop is gaining popularity in Nigeria; often, when our teams go to Korea for the K-Pop World Festival (Competition), they emerge victorious.”


“In Abuja, we intend to establish a robust network for enthusiasts, facilitating exchanges. For instance, we are incorporating Afrobeat fusion into K-Pop. With these exchanges, we believe K-Pop will be further embraced by Nigerians.”

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