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Meaning of Humanity and Responsibilities of a Human – God’swill Ofigo

God’swill Ofigo

According to Merriam Webster: “Humanity is the quality of being human”.

Most people say that humanity is the ‘good’ qualities of a human which show him as a good person or human, like sympathy, piety, politeness etc. I want to explain the trait, trait that defined, what is the ‘human’ means, the very reason for us is that we being born as humans.
Some other things that is differentiate between the human and the animals is that, human can think better in best way as compared to the animals they cannot be act like humans.
So I think that human is the better creature of the world as compared to the animals and the other things like that. We are the lucky one that we have all the qualities and we are born as a human. Responsibilities of a human:

There are some responsibilities as a human is that:
Being a human we should that we help the other peoples who are in trouble and in other difficulty. If we are happy and the some other peoples in our neighbors and in our relatives are in trouble than it is not a good for us, It is not a humanity that we are creating in the world.
So being a human we have some responsibilities that, we help the poor and the needy peoples and help them and can take part in their difficulties and worries so that they cannot be feeling any loneliness.
So in conclusion humanity is the quality of choosing those traits that are acceptable to other fellow’s human beings, which are desirable to others and even correcting their wrong notion with what the society accepts.

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