‘Winning In These Turbulent Times Requires Strategic’ insights-Professor Paul Griffith.

Professor Paul Griffith is the world’s first professor of management to lead a team to launch a rocket into space. It is the technology that enables flight passengers to use Wi-Fi on the plane.

He will be among the three faculty members delivering the TEXEM programme ‘Strategic Leadership Unleashed: Thriving In An Uncertain GLOCAL World’, which is scheduled to be held between May 26 and 30 in Manchester.

Other TEXEM faculty members include Professor Rodria Laline (the inventor of the IP being used on all ATMs globally, Former SVP for Oracle in Asia Pacific and Harvard, INSEAD & IMD Professor) and John Peters, former Chair of the Association of MBAs (an organisation that accredits Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and IMD) and former Prisoner of War.

In this interview, Prof Paul Griffith shares insights on how leaders can unlock value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage in these turbulent times.

Innovative Leadership: “Professor Griffith, your session ‘The Role of Innovation in Navigating Change’ seems crucial for today’s leaders. Can you share some key strategies that leaders can implement to foster innovation in their organisations during times of uncertainty?”

Professor Paul Griffith: Certainly. In today’s volatile business environment, innovation is not just a luxury but a necessity. Leaders can foster innovation by cultivating a culture that encourages experimentation and embraces failure as a learning opportunity. For instance, consider the approach taken by global companies like Google, where employees are allocated time to work on projects outside their immediate responsibilities, leading to groundbreaking products like Gmail and Google News. Additionally, leaders should implement agile methodologies that allow for rapid iteration and responsiveness to market changes. This was effectively demonstrated by Netflix when they shifted from DVD rentals to streaming, a move that required bold decision-making and a willingness to disrupt their own business model. Moreover, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse teams can bring unique perspectives to problem-solving can lead to more robust and creative solutions. By empowering employees at all levels to contribute ideas and take ownership of their implementation, leaders can navigate change with resilience and innovation.

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Leadership That Works: “In your talk ‘Leadership That Works,’ what are some practical examples of leadership approaches that have proven effective in turbulent environments?”

In our experiential TEXEM session, we will delve deeply into the dynamic nature of leadership and followership, roles that can interchange fluidly based on the situation at hand. One practical example is the leadership approach adopted by Alan Mulally at Ford. When he took over during a financial crisis, Mulally implemented a strategy of transparency and inclusiveness, fostering an environment where employees felt safe to share challenges and collaborate on solutions. This approach not only stabilized the company but also set it on a path to renewed profitability. Participants in the session will engage in exercises that highlight the importance of adaptability, problem-solving, and dealing with complexity—skills exemplified by leaders like Indra Nooyi at PepsiCo, who navigated the company through significant market shifts by emphasising innovation and a long-term vision. They will also test their ability to innovate and experiment, much like how Steve Jobs continually pushed the boundaries at Apple and developed a strategic perspective that breaks down complex scenarios into actionable steps.

Pragmatic Approaches: “Can you elaborate on the ‘Pragmatic Approaches to Leadership in Uncertain Times’ that you will discuss, and how these approaches differ from traditional leadership strategies?”

In uncertain times, leaders must adeptly handle paradoxes and integrate their three intelligences: intuition, integration, and shaping the future. Unlike traditional leadership strategies that often rely on linear and analytical thinking, pragmatic approaches require a balance of intuition—trusting one’s instincts and experiences, integration—bringing together disparate pieces of information to form a cohesive strategy and shaping the future—envisioning and steering the organization towards long-term goals. For example, Satya Nadella’s transformation of Microsoft showcases the power of combining empathy and strategic foresight to pivot the company towards cloud computing and AI, fundamentally reshaping its future. During our session on this impactful TEXEM programme, we will explore real-world scenarios where this intelligence must be balanced, providing participants with the tools to navigate complex environments effectively.

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Actionable Plans: “Your session on ‘Developing Actionable Leadership Plans’ promises to be highly beneficial. What are the critical components of an actionable leadership plan, especially for navigating complex and uncertain scenarios?”

An actionable leadership plan is rooted in clarity and adaptability. It involves understanding the six core responsibilities of a CEO: setting the vision, building the team, managing operations, fostering innovation, ensuring financial stability, and representing the company externally. For instance, Jeff Bezos at Amazon meticulously allocates his time to focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, ensuring the company stays ahead of its competitors.

Our session will dissect these responsibilities, helping leaders allocate their time effectively across these areas. By examining case studies such as how Mary Barra led General Motors through a major recall crisis by prioritizing transparency and customer trust, participants will learn to craft plans that are not only strategic but also adaptable to the rapid changes in today’s business landscape.

Programme Impact: “How do you envision the insights from this TEXEM programme will help executives to not just survive but thrive in a rapidly changing global landscape?”

This TEXEM programme is designed to equip executives with actionable frameworks and concepts that they can immediately apply within their organisations. By mastering these insights, participants will be able to drive sustainable impact and lead their organisations through change effectively. For example, by applying the principles of agile leadership and strategic foresight discussed in the programme, leaders can transform their organisations to be more resilient and adaptive. The program’s impact is akin to how Sheryl Sandberg’s leadership at Facebook during times of exponential growth and crisis has led to a more robust and strategically agile organization. By practising these frameworks, executives will return to their roles with enhanced capabilities to foster innovation, manage complexity, and lead their organisations to thrive in the face of global challenges.

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The TEXEM methodology is designed to ignite a profound sense of determination among participants, empowering them to enhance themselves, their teams, and their organizations, ultimately contributing to a better Nigeria. By engaging in this transformative programme, participants will be equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques that are essential for navigating today’s complex business landscape. They will be driven to master these strategies and motivated by a clear vision of success.

By the end of the TEXEM programme, participants will have transformed their leadership capabilities, ready to inspire and lead their teams to new heights. This journey towards mastery will not only benefit their organizations but also contribute to the broader goal of building a prosperous and innovative Nigeria. Furthermore, through this programme, participants can network and build enduring relationships.

For more information about the forthcoming TEXEM programme, please email [email protected] or visit texem.co.uk. Join us in shaping the future of leadership and making a lasting impact.


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